Will Bitcoin continue to pump?
The BTC price jumped over $60,000 on Wednesday, first time in two years.

Bitcoin reached a symbolic milestone this week, surging past $60,000 on Monday for the first time since April 2021. The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization continued powering upwards after recently reclaiming $50,000.

Key Takeaways

Bitcoin Price Action Reflects Broader Crypto Strength

Bitcoin’s value has now gained around 50% year-to-date, staging an impressive comeback after plummeting below $16,000 during last year’s extended rout when crisis after crisis plagued the digital asset industry.

"Many traders now feel BTC reclaimed bull market status given decoupling from equities plus holding key technical levels."Anto Paroian, COO of ARK36

Cryptocurrencies overall appear to be stabilizing after the severe bear conditions in 2022 wiped out risky assets across markets. Total market cap remains over $2 trillion—almost double the sub-$1 trillion lows seen last summer that matched depths not experienced since earlier blockchain history.

Ethereum has also posted healthy gains in the last week without matching Bitcoin's meteoric rise. Still, Ether prices trading firmly above $3,000 and the ETH network’s anticipated Shanghai upgrade this March signal fundamental improvements.

On-Chain Metrics Paint Positive Picture

In terms of network activity, daily Bitcoin transactions exceed the 2022 average by over 18% which hints at greater adoption. Meanwhile the number of BTC held on exchanges dropped to an over 5-year low.

“With demand outpacing supply available for trading, the technical backdrop supports prices rallying further.”Daria Smetanina, Market Analyst 

Smetanina added that macro factors like declining inflation and expectations of less aggressive interest rate hikes across economies buoyed risky assets. Specifically, markets welcomed US GDP figures beating forecasts which dampens near-term recession worries.

Bitcoin Price is Taking OffAfter crypto remained closely tied to stocks through most of 2022, assets decoupling from broader risk sentiment likely boosted trader confidence as well. “Renewed speculative inflows despite equities uncertainty shows maturing investor perception,” Smetanina said.

However, anxiety around crypto regulations continues sparking intermittent volatility as seen recently when US financial oversight bills proposed broad banning authority. Reminders about DeFi’s precarious lack of investor safeguards also periodically roil trading. But for now, optimism around Bitcoin’s price momentum seems to be taking precedence.

$60K Level Holds Symbolic Relevance

While Bitcoin crossed $60,000 for barely thirty minutes before dropping back down to $59,000 at the time of publication, the breakout holds psychological significance. The seminal crypto asset breaching the landmark threshold signals restoring faith for proponents after confidence dwindled during last year's tribulations.

Crypto experts emphasized that while sustainability remains questionable, Bitcoin decisively clearing resistance levels is meaningful. These wins against technical barriers reflect increased market belief in the cryptocurrency reestablishing a bullish trajectory after floundering for nearly 12 months.

However, trading above the 2017 high notched in late 2020 which propelled staggering further upside to nearly $69,000 by November 2021 shows room for growth should positive indicators persist. But holders should still expect exceptional turbulence in line with the asset class's archetypal volatility.

For now, renewed investor enthusiasm stemming from Bitcoin revisiting levels not seen in almost two years is palpable. But whether the exuberance can translate into regained peak valuations given macro and regulatory crosswinds still developing warrants observation.

Where do you expect the Bitcoin rollercoaster to head next from here?