What happens to Bitcoin during a halving?
Most investors do not care about the halving event, but you should.

The scarcity of any speculative product is usually how an investor first becomes intrigued about an asset. Well, with the 2024 Bitcoin halving countdown approaching April 20th, there isn't enough BTC for everyone! 

Every four years a countdown to a momentous occasion transpires in the Bitcoin network called the halving. The 2024 event continues this predictable cycle drastically cutting the supply issuance rate in half - thereby underscoring principles of digital scarcity that make Bitcoin a revolutionary investment asset. Yet casual observers often dismiss the halving cycle's significance.

"Why should I care about the Bitcoin Halving?"

Below we unravel why the Bitcoin halving countdown commands attention from market participants worldwide - serving as a monetary paradigm shift enabling life-changing wealth creation amid global economic instability and why it should be in your portfolio.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2024 Bitcoin halving cuts block rewards in half 3rd time ever
  • Past halvings began multi-year runs rising 1000% or more
  • 2024's halving arrives amid global financial instability
  • Long term investors should prepare for volatility

Halving Explained

First understanding halvings requires knowledge on the supply schedule. The Bitcoin protocol issues new BTC block rewards to miners verifying transactions when generating blocks on the chain. The current era sees miners earn 6.25 BTC plus transaction fees for each block confirmation roughly every 10 minutes.

However, the minting rate periodically cuts in half - dropping to 3.125 BTC per block expected in early 2024. This marks the 3rd halving since inception. Thereafter only 570k BTC remain left to mine estimated exhausted around 2140.

With less inflationary selling pressure but relatively equal demand increases, basic economics logic projects upward price moves from deepened scarcity.

Why 2024 Halving Matters More Than Ever

While critics assume markets already price expected halving supply adjustments years ahead, evidence suggests this thinking proves oversimplified if not flawed.

Bitcoin Halving CyclesHistorical data shows Bitcoin's best performing years arose following past halvings (ex: 2017 bull run, 2021 march upwards). Multiple factors explain the delayed impact. Miners require sustaining operations at profitable levels before downsizing equipment. Meanwhile for long term investors, each halving reinforces Bitcoin's viability as “digital gold” backed by strictly fixed circulation unlike fiat currencies vulnerable to political debasement.

These network effects grow more influential as broader adoption rises. With inflation surging globally, bond yields declining, geopolitics intensifying plus recessionary signals, 2024 witnesses the most anticipated halving yet on the heels of mass institutional and nation state onboarding. The tightening of issuance rates serves as a timely reminder for why ownership matters now when still early relative to the total 21 million BTC ultimately available.

Long Term Implications

While short term traders attempt profiting around halving-inspired volatility, true impact unfolds long after hype subsides for disciplined investors who accumulate positions through proven stock-to-flow models. As Rekt Capital discussed in their latest video, long term investors need to realize that this year's halving is not priced in.

Previous severe 80%+ bear market drawdowns always reversed course setting higher highs by orders of magnitude in part thanks to the reliable halving cycles making Bitcoin provably scarce one block confirmation at a time over 13 years and counting.

This reliability offers a safety net absent with untested assets during periods of extreme fear and uncertainty.

"Will the 2024 halving cement Bitcoin's place as digital gold for a generation defined by inflationary cost-of-living crisis?"


The Bitcoin halving and institutional adoption together signal a paradigm shift on the horizon for finance and money during a pivotal point in history riddled with economic disorder. Savvy investors stand ready to protect purchasing power where others deny reality. Which is why every investor should care about the Bitcoin halving and add the digital asset to their portfolio.