“Bitcoin is like gold, but exponentially better,” Wood said in an interview.
Cathie Wood believes Bitcoin's qualities make the technology digital gold.

Her stock picking prowess in disruptive technologies and innovative companies has quite a track record. However, she has also become an extremely vocal proponent for Bitcoin as she sees it transforming global finance as "digital gold."

Cathie Wood's Background and Investing Philosophy

  • Graduated from USC with economics degree in 1981
  • Began career in Los Angeles at Capital Group, Jennison Associates and AllianceBernstein
  • Founded ARK Invest in 2014 to focus solely on disruptive innovation
  • Believes in identifying long-term opportunities and investing despite short-term volatility
  • Funds focus on genomic, industrial innovation, next generation internet, fintech innovation and space exploration technologies

Why Wood Sees Bitcoin as a Game Changing Investment

Cathie Wood has repeatedly compared Bitcoin to gold and believes it will revolutionize global banking and finance. Some of the key reasons she has touted for her bullish views on Bitcoin include:

Bitcoin as Digital Gold

  • Bitcoin shares many similarities with gold:
    • Finite supply of 21 million bitcoins
    • Mining process makes it difficult and expensive to increase supply
    • Portable and divisible
    • Fungible - 1 BTC equals another 1 BTC
  • Bitcoin improves on gold:
    • Easier to transfer and store
    • Confirmation of holdings through private keys
    • Transparent ledger via blockchain

“Bitcoin is like gold, but exponentially better.”Cathie Wood,, CEO Ark Invest

An Evolving Network and Asset Class

  • As network grows, Bitcoin becomes more useful and valuable
    • Built-in network effects
    • Lindy effect - longer it survives, longer it will survive
  • Emergence of new financial instruments around it
    • Exchange traded funds
    • Derivatives
    • Lending

This expanding network and financialization resembles the evolution traditional assets have undergone.

Decentralized Alternative to Traditional Banking

  • Lack of reliance on centralized third parties
    • Be your own bank
    • Avoid censorship or freeze of funds
  • Independence from inflationary fiat monetary policies
    • Transparent, algorithmically controlled supply
  • Accessible by anyone globally with an internet connection

Wood believes these qualities solve many issues with current financial systems and will fuel massive adoption.

ARK Invest's Bitcoin Price Predictions

Cathie Wood and ARK Invest have released several bold, bullish predictions for Bitcoin's price over the next 5-10 years:

  • 2022-2023: $1 million
  • 2030: Over $1 million if network utilization rivals Visa's $15 trillion
  • 2025: $1 million

These lofty forecasts are based on Bitcoin establishing itself as the dominant digital store-of-value and transactional asset globally. The supply cap makes Bitcoin's rise similar to surging demand against limited supply.

Why The Market is Still Skeptical

Despite Cathie Wood's enthusiasm, some critics remain doubtful of Bitcoin reaching such soaring valuations:

  • Regulatory Actions: Governments have already banned or restricted Bitcoin and could do so more broadly in the future.
  • Competition: Over 21,000 other cryptocurrencies are battling to establish dominance according to CoinMarketCap. Networks like Ethereum also have first-mover advantage for smart contracts and Web3 development.
  • Energy Use: Bitcoin mining's energy consumption has enduring criticism and environmental concerns that could throttle further adoption.

However, Wood has repeatedly dismissed these risks in interviews and ARK Invest research papers. Their unwavering confidence in Bitcoin permeates all analysis and predictions.


Cathie Wood and ARK Invest have established themselves as highly respected voices pushing mainstream adoption of Bitcoin. By relentlessly backing it as "digital gold" and spreading lofty price forecasts, they are fighting skeptics while aiming to fulfill their ambitions.

Other investment managers may poke holes in ARK's views or price models for Bitcoin, but Wood's track record suggests dismissing her convictions could be premature. If Bitcoin truly does transform global banking and finance, she may again have the last laugh like with prescient bets such as Tesla.