Ledger Black Friday Deals
Buy a Ledger Nano and get up to $50 in Bitcoin.

Purchase select Ledger hardware wallets and receive up to $50 in BTC as a holiday bonus for protecting your digital assets.

Overview of Ledger’s Black Friday Promotion

From November 20th-27th, consumers who buy a Ledger Nano S Plus, Nano X, or Nano Duo will get the below BTC rewards:

  • Ledger Nano S Plus - +$20 free Bitcoin
  • Ledger Nano X - +$30 free Bitcoin
  • Ledger Nano Duo - +$50 free Bitcoin

Now is the ideal time to finally secure your Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other altcoins in a offline cold storage wallet. Or gift ultra-secure crypto storage to family and friends this holiday season–with special rewards for early adopters.

Why Prioritize Cold Storage With a Hardware Wallet?

Hardware wallets like Ledger offer superior security for holding crypto long-term compared to hot online storage solutions. By safeguarding private keys offline, hardware wallets:

  • Prevent theft: Private keys remain isolated from internet-based threats.
  • Enable independence: Users fully control funds without relying on exchanges.
  • Support thousands of coins: Store everything from Bitcoin to emerging altcoins.

Compare this to software wallets which leave private keys vulnerable on connected devices. Going “cold” eliminates single points of failure.

Key Features and Differences: Nano X vs. Nano S Plus

Ledger Nano X

  • Mobile-first for on-the-go use
  • Large screen with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports 5,500+ crypto assets
  • Install up to 100 apps simultaneously

Ledger Nano S Plus

  • Beginner-friendly design
  • Secure chip for private key protection
  • Supports 1,800+ digital assets
  • Easy connecting with desktops/laptops

The Nano S Plus makes cold storage simple for first-timers. But the Nano X offers maximum mobility with Bluetooth-enabled management from mobile devices. Both support assets like BTC, ETH and XRP.

How to Stake Crypto Using a Ledger Hardware Wallet

Users can securely stake supported cryptocurrencies directly from Ledger devices:

  1. Purchase crypto in Ledger Live or transfer from an exchange
  2. In Ledger Live, access “Earn” or the specific coin’s account
  3. Click “Stake” and approve the operation with your device
  4. Sit back and watch rewards accumulate in your account!

Staking via Ledger provides the same excellent security as storing holdings while earning income on holdings.

Quick Guide For Moving Crypto From an Exchange to Ledger

Thanks to Ledger Live's user-friendly interface, transferring currency from an exchange like Coinbase into cold storage takes just minutes:

  1. Connect Ledger device to computer and open Ledger Live
  2. Generate new deposit address for the currency
  3. Copy address
  4. Paste address into the exchange withdrawal interface
  5. Confirm transfer on device

Just like that, your holdings are secured away from exchanges in your own offline haven.

About Ledger: The Leading Crypto Security Company

Founded in 2014 in Paris, France, Ledger is a fast-growing platform leader securing the new digital asset economy. With an array of hardware and software solutions integrated under one roof, Ledger enables retail and institutional clients to buy, store, trade, and grow cryptocurrencies safely.

Over the last eight years, the company has cemented itself at the forefront of crypto security – even as digital assets and fintech themselves continue rapidly evolving.

Don't Sleep on Ledger's Black Friday BTC Bonus!

This November 20th-27th don't miss Ledger’s can't-miss Black Friday special: new customers earn $20-$50 worth of free Bitcoin just for protecting their assets with market-leading cold storage tech. Cryptocurrency adoption is accelerating. Secure your seat on the rocket ship this holiday season!